Stuff You Need To Know

This is where all the disclaimer stuff lives.  Please take a moment to look over.

Psychic predictive reads are intended as guidance only. Tania assumes no responsibility for your choices once you leave your session.

Psychic predictive reads can sometimes take time to manifest. Time frame on any prediction is heavily influenced by your own free will and the direction you take forward. Just because Tania intuited a 3 month time frame does not mean that you or someone involved in that process will not or cannot alter that.  It is common for predictive reads to manifest over a year to 20 year time frame. Your choices dictate the time frame ultimately.

Mediumship reads are intended as proof of the continuity of life only. They are not intended to be used nor admissible in any legal proceedings that may result or have resulted from the death.

Health: Tania has a nursing background and is keenly intuitive when it comes to health issues surrounding yourself or a loved one. Please be fully aware that Tania will provide fairly concise information but is not to be considered diagnostic under any circumstances.  This information will ONLY be offered on your request.   You are expected to consult with a healthcare specialist or professional on ALL health related issues.  Tania is not liable in the event that you do not choose to follow up with a medical doctor or other professional. Your health is your responsibility.

“Pregnancy Reads”

Tania has proven fairly adept at predicting babies. Please be aware that you again must follow up with your healthcare professionals in the event that you are trying to become pregnant or are currently so.  Lifestyle and choices can create an impact on any healthy pregnancy that Tania intuits.