Book Your Session

In person bookings are on hold until further notice. 


***If you are redeeming a gift certificate PLEASE email Tania at including your certificate CODE. Tania will assist you in booking your session.***

30 or 60 minute phone sessions available in June.  75.00/120.00

60 minute Zoom available in August   150.00

30 minute PHONE  ONLY  75.00

The 30 minute session is suggested for connecting to one person that has passed over. It is also suggested for predictive ( your life) reads.

One hour PHONE ONLY         120.00

Blended psychic and mediumship or psychic only. It’s your choice and Tania will ask your preference at the time of your booking.

One hour ZOOM ONLY          150.00

Blended psychic/ mediumship or psychic only. Your choice and Tania will ask you for your preference on the booking date. This can be recorded for later reference.

Emergency sessions are on a first come first serve basis and will incur a further 50.00 to the usual pricing. Emergency sessions are not always available. Please email me directly if you require something sooner ( subject to availability) Payment will be expected on booking your time. Weekend bookings are rare and you may expect to wait up to one year. 

A reading with Tania is an experience many do not easily forget. Well known for her shoot from the hip style of messaging, Tania provides clients with a light and easy rapport, you can expect both laughter and tears in the time you spend together. Because of her unusual reading style Tania has amassed a wide client base worldwide. You can expect to wait several weeks to months  for your session, but your patience will be well worth it.

If you wish to include other family members and have them take part in the same session a further 60.00 fee per person will apply. You may bring a maximum of two family members with you. You must wish to connect to the same loved ones. If you wish to bring ONE friend in as a support person you are more than welcome. Support persons are NOT included in the session.

18+ ONLY unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Refund Policy

In the event that Tania must cancel ( life does happen to us all sometimes) for illness or family emergencies, please note that you will be rescheduled to the earliest available date.

A no refund policy is in place. A refund may be offered only in the circumstance that Tania is unable to reschedule you in a timely manner, in the event that Tania herself  must  cancel.   If Tania is unable to offer you another date within three months of the original you may request and will be granted a refund.

Client cancellation has a no refund policy but you may reschedule your date.  This may take up to 6 months to re-book. One reschedule is permitted ONLY.

Tania has a very demanding schedule and thanks you for your understanding of this policy.

Please choose your session by clicking on the highlighted link. Be sure to choose your time zone before proceeding.  Tania books in Eastern Standard Time.