Dear Tania

“Dear Tania”


November 14 2017

Dear Tania,

Can you tell me if by finally seeking the help for my mental health, will I find the peace that I so need in my life.

Thank you

Hello Beth

Bless your heart. Peace is a process of peeling so to say, to a paring off of layers that have become necessary to keep our secrets safe. Seeking out the aide of someone is a huge step in making the move toward peace because it allows  you to hear your own voice, often, for the first time. When I write your name I find that you are very overwhelmed right now in making this decision. The first step to discovering your version of peace begins with making the appointment. I see a year of “therapeutic” peeling for you. At the end of this time you breath a huge sigh of comfort and the way forward becomes much more manageable. You do find peace in this journey. You already have both feet right in it. 🙂 Be gentle to yourself.


November 14 2017

Dear Tania,My question for you is this, do you feel as though I’m open enough now, and freed of enough of my past issues to start openly inviting people into my new world? I’ve developed spiritually and intuitively, I understand what it means to be an extreme Empath enough to know what feelings are mine and someone else’s.


Hello Shannon,

Absolutely begin to move forward with allowing like energies an opportunity to stand in your light and you in theirs. Simply be mindful to release any and all energy that is not your own at the end of each connection and you will be well on your way.  And remember….spiritual and intuitive development is a constant learning experience. 🙂




Tomorrow’s question from Maria….response coming soon!

I understand the concept of free will but being all prescient why did our creator not intervene and stop wars? Why did he allow the creation of religion knowing so many would be killed in his name?

Thank you




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