Client Testimonials

My clients are some of the most important people in my world. Each a unique soul with a unique story, they inspire me every day to keep believing.  If you have a testimonial you’d like to share please feel free to message me via the contact page.


Tania is incredible. Her energy is contagious. I was a tad skeptical, but the things she brought up to me about my dad who has recently passed, as well as my grandpa- no one would have ever known those things. I felt as though my dad was in the room with me. I truly feel my appointment with Tania was very healing in this difficult grief process. My advice to anyone on the fence would be to give it a try. You likely don’t have anything to lose but the potential to gain clarity, healing and peace! That to me is worth every penny and more.

– Kyra

Hope you’re enjoy your holiday ☀️
I have to tell you, since my Mamma passed away in October 2018, I’ve had such a heavy heart 💔 you need to know, after our zoom reading, I feel like a totally changed person! My heart feels full of her presence and very calm ❤️ what you do for spirits and humans is simply amazing. I was NEVER a believer in spirits, they actually kinda freaked me out! But I have a totally different outlook now and I’m so thankful you were brought into my pain felt world and made it 100% better. I will be forever a true spirit believer 🥰

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart ❤️
Taunia Klem

You gave me something I thought i could never have again in this life time — a connection of words, laughter, love, and tears with my sister. The first connection you gave us, was my first step in my healing. I can’t express how thankful i am for helping me through the toughest heartache and grief of my life. xoxo – Diane G London Ontario

You helped me immensely when I was looking for answers from my cousins death, you also told me I was going to have twins and boys and you were spot on. Tania Thomas you gave me hope and answers no one else could. – Amy C  London Ontario

You, Tania; gave me the one thing I so needed after my daughter’s murder, connection. To hear her speak, her language come through your voice was beyond incredible. My flame haired daughter that took us places that you weren’t sure we should go, her insistence…and it has proven truth in court 2 years later. I will never forget the hug from my daughter at the end of our session…..I still tingle. – Kimberley H Alberta Canada

When I found out that I would have to go through IVF to have a baby, I hadn’t told anyone yet. I went to see you and I ended up being fortunate enough to get a reading from you.
You asked me if I was pregnant and I almost burst into tears when I said no. You told me that I would be, and that it would be a boy.
That always stick in my mind.
3 years later I gave birth to a little boy. He’s my world and I always think about that reading all the time.
  Sam C  Ontario Canada

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