You Are Your Soul Mate

If I have heard it once I have heard it a thousand times over.

“When will I meet my soulmate?”

Many are surprised at my response.

“You’ll have to die first, and I am assuming this isn’t in your present plans correct?”

It’s true. To come face to face with your soul mate will require that you both reside in the same place at the exact same time. So that part of the illusion is real. What saddens me is that somewhere along the lines they got blurred and we were misinformed into believing that we could locate them here.  And while we can it is not in the way that you may think.

When people talk of soul mates they naturally lean into the thought process that this is an individual separate from themselves. How is that possible? A true soul mate as we understand it is that one person that knows you better than you know yourself. That person that understands your every movement before you move, your every thought before it’s thought and your every desire before it’s desired. We’re humans not x – ray machines so this makes absolutely no sense at all.

There is no one walking on this planet that can read your minds. Psychics such as myself can read your life plans but that’s an entirely different communication that I will go into at another time.  Quite simply….no one knows you like you know yourself.

Your soul mate is you. Each living breathing human being resides in two distinct worlds at the same time. When you left the spirit side to take on the arduous journey of life, you left a part of yourself behind. Who else could you lean to to make decisions along the way if you hadn’t done so?

Your soul mate, your higher self, is the voice that asks you to hesitate. The voice that asks you to go for it.  It’s that feeling deep into the pit of your stomach that tells you this is the right direction, or the wrong.  Without this part of yourself you would move erratically through life with no compass at all.

Your soul self is a split of the same light. As you move through this lifetime your higher you moves with you. It becomes a dance of sorts, a communication that occurs in your next decision, your next breath or your next thought. Did you believe that the universe would toss you to the earth below to figure it out without a guide? Not a chance. That would be like putting a three year old into the middle of the woods and expecting them to find the way home. Illogical and dangerous.

Your soul mate knows you. Knows you because it has shared eternity with you. It remembers all the remembers that you don’t. Your soul mate is a blending of every lifetime lived. So that when you arrive back to it’s warm embrace, you are flooded with the memories of every single person you have encountered along the way. We tend to think so small because our brains don’t allow for anything beyond the years we spend here on earth. But what about all the years before these ones? What about your lifetimes prior to this? Do they simply evaporate into the ether never to be recaptured? Of course not.

If you are paying attention, those memories of times long long ago will drop in when you least expect them. Science calls them deja vu experiences. A recollection of something familiar with nothing to base the experience on.  I call them your soul mate looking through your book of life and reflecting on an experience from 1565. Memories are emotion driven and you will sometimes be drawn into the emotions and not ever know where they arrived from.

But the feeling of familiar is intense. And can be incredibly beautiful. And allow for you to change the way you might move through the remainder of your day.

Stop seeking your soul mate outside of your self.  No one can remember what you yourself can recall. No one shares the same experiences and manifests thoughts in the way that you do.  Your thoughts are living and breathing and impossible for anyone on this planet to understand or catch up with. The only one that can do that is the one that you share them with every moment of every day. You. You. Yourself.

Please cease looking for what will make you whole. Look instead for what will help you to find that wholeness.  Look instead for the person who will provide you with the tools necessary to know yourself completely, to know the what you were before you arrived into the delivery room and started to question who you are.

There is someone out there that can bring you to yourself. Someone with whom your own soul mate interacts on the other side. Someone who felt compelled to approach you on a crowded street yet they don’t understand why. Someone who feels things about life that you feel. Who challenges you to accept your own insecurities. Who angers you, evokes you to do deeper. Someone you may hate in one moment and love in the next. They are the other flame that gives you light. And often times their light can dance fiercely but it’s simply to shine into your mirror and help you to find your true self.

Someone with the same memories of times long ago. Someone to complete the circle.

Don’t search for them. They will find you.

Be peaceful. Be patient. And be open.

Your twin flame is the collision in your life. The one that will show you the wreckage, force you to bring it back together and help you face the beauty in your scars they create.

I hope you have found them. And if not, I hope you do soon.

But you will.

You have no choice.

Your soul is waiting.




In love…in light…








Author: Tania Thomas

I don't believe in anything less than my truth. Lover of life, believer of possibility. Human telephone.

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